Metalcraft Permanent Paint-Mask Bar Code Labels

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Metalcraft Permanent Paint-Mask Bar Code Labels stand up to repeated paint applications.These unique labels feature a special fluoropolymer laminate very similar to Teflon coating in that it resists multiple paint applications (approximately 10-12), grease, even graffiti, and can withstand temperatures up to +250°F (+121°C).

After painting customers simply pick off the paint and are left with a clean, easy-to-scan polyester bar code label - a great solution for work-in-process.

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Product Features

  • Permanent paint-mask fluoropolymer laminate that is designed to resist multiple paintings (approximately 10-12) and can withstand temperatures up to +250˚F (+121˚C).
  • Conforms to uneven or curved surfaces
  • Subsurface printing protects against extreme solvents, caustics, acids and moderate abrasion
  • Digital printing process ensures bar code readability as well as crisp, clean company logos

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Additional Information

Asset Tracking, OEM Product Identification, Paint-Resistant, Work-in-Process
Form Factor:
Attachment Method:
Pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive (MC71FL)
No. 029: 1 3/4 in. x 5/8 in. , No. 277: 2 in. x 3/4 in.
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