Honeywell IH21 Handheld UHF RFID Reader

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The IH21 handheld RFID reader is for use with Honeywell mobile computers when high-performance RFID reading in a compact, lightweight package is required. Sleek, semi-rugged, and lightweight, the IH21 reader helps speed up retail inventory counts, omni-channel order fulfillment, product receiving, shelf restocking, and pick lists, increasing efficiency and productivity.

Ordering Options:

  • IH21A0014 - Honeywell IH21 Bluetooth RFID Reader with ePop-Loq, UHF Antenna, Trigger Handle, Battery, Battery Cover, FCC

Accessory Options:

  • 318-060-001 - Honeywell Spare Battery for IH21 RFID Reader
  • IH21-CB-1 - Honeywell IH21 Docking Cradle with World Traveler PSU and Mini USB Lead, Red and Black
  • IH21-QBC-1 - Honeywell IH21 4-slot Battery Charger, Power Supply and Power Cord not included
  • IH21-EPL-CT40 - Honeywell ePop-Loq Case for CT40
  • IH21-EPL-CT50 - Honeywell ePop-Loq Case for CT50/CT60
  • IH21-EPL-EDA50 - Honeywell ePop-Loq Case for EDA50
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Product Information

  • Industry-standard EPC Global Class 1 Gen 2, RAIN RFID reader ensures that the IH21 can read all common supply chain RFID tags.
  • A lightweight and ergonomic design makes the IH21 reader suitable for all users.
  • A fast RFID reader module combined with a versatile antenna design enables reading more tags in less time.
  • Simultaneous charging of the IH21 reader and the connected mobile computer streamlines operations and reduces maintenance of mechanical components.
  • USB data connectivity provides trouble-free, secure communications between the IH21 reader and the connected mobile computer.
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    Additional Information

    Air Protocol:
    EPC Global Class 1 Gen 2
    US: 902–928 MHz
    Nominal Read Range:
    6 m (20 ft)
    Nominal Write Range:
    3 m (10 ft)
    Output Power:
    10 mW – 1 W, 10 dBm – 30 dBm
    Removable, rechargeable 4.2 V Lithium Polymer 2200 mAh, 8.4 watt hours
    Compatible Mobile Computers:
    Dolphin 75e, Dolphin CT50, Dolphin CT60, ScanPal EDA50
    Operating Temperatures:
    -10°C to 40°C (-4°F to 140°F)
    16 cm x 7.7 cm x 17.5 cm (6.3 in x 3 in x 6.9 in)
    365 g (12.8 oz)
    Download Data Sheet:
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