Product Overview - Omni-ID Exo and Dura Rugged Tags

Product Overview - Omni-ID Exo and Dura Rugged Tags

Omni-ID’s Dura tags are some of the most rugged passive RFID tags in the industry. Exo tags provide the durability of an encased RFID tag for applications requiring a small footprint in a harsh environment. Omni-ID Dura and Exo tags are ideal for tracking small containers and RTI’s in manufacturing as well as tracing industrial assets.


  • Omni-ID Exo 600 is well suited for attachment to metal bars commonly found on RTI’s. The tag has a long read range and broad read angle for industrial and warehouse portal applications. With a small footprint and high performance, Exo 600 is ideally suited for RTI applications in the following industries logistics and postal, automotive, retail and warehousing. More Details and Buy
  • Omni-ID Exo 750 offers market leading consistency and reliability in outdoor and industrial applications and is optimized for attachment to metal assets. Based on a rugged construction, square footprint and moderate durability, the Exo 750 is ideally suited to RTI applications in automotive supply chain, logistics and postal, manufacturing tote tracking. More Details and Buy
  • Omni-ID Exo 800 is has been designed in a surprisingly small form factor, capable of reading on, off, and near metal surfaces. The tag features a rugged design for long term use in outdoor and industrial environments and is ideally suited to manufacturing tote tracking, logistics and postal, retail supply chain. More Details and Buy.
  • Omni-ID Exo 800P’s thin design makes it ideal for attachment with little protrusion. The tag is optimized for attachment to plastic assets, ideally suited to yard management and logistics applications in plastic RTIs and containers, plastic pallets, non-metallic industrial assets. More Details and Buy
  • Omni-ID Dura 1500 features extreme impact resistance and high temperature ratings, enabling it to be deployed in outdoor heavy industry environments anywhere in the world. The tag is best suited to outdoor applications, including container tracking for yard management, cargo tracking, and defense asset management. More Details and Buy
  • Omni-ID Dura 3000 features a high impact, water proof, durable encasement and has been designed for heavy industry and outdoor applications. Omni Dura 3000 RFID tag provides a cost-effective solution for applications which previously required semi-passive or active tags including cargo and container tracking, heavy equipment tracking and maintenance, location identification in lay down zones. More Details and Buy

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Jul 6th 2016 Eva Zeisel

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