Alien ALR-9900-PLUS RFID Reader Dev. Kit

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  • Alien ALR-9900-PLUS RFID Reader Dev. Kit (ALR-9900-PLUS-DEVC-ALL)
  • Alien ALR-9900-PLUS RFID Reader Dev. Kit (ALR-9900-PLUS-DEVC-ALL)
  • Alien ALR-9900-PLUS RFID Reader Dev. Kit (ALR-9900-PLUS-DEVC-ALL)
  • Alien ALR-9900-PLUS RFID Reader Dev. Kit (ALR-9900-PLUS-DEVC-ALL)
  • Alien ALR-9900-PLUS RFID Reader Dev. Kit (ALR-9900-PLUS-DEVC-ALL)
  • Alien ALR-9900-PLUS RFID Reader Dev. Kit (ALR-9900-PLUS-DEVC-ALL)
  • Alien ALR-9900-PLUS RFID Reader Dev. Kit (ALR-9900-PLUS-DEVC-ALL)
  • Alien ALR-9900-PLUS RFID Reader Dev. Kit (ALR-9900-PLUS-DEVC-ALL)
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This product is no longer available for general sale. Please contact us for pricing. The recommended replacement for this product is the ALR-9680 Development Kit, which can be purchased here.

Alien ALR-9900+ RFID Reader Development Kit offers the necessary components for developing an RFID system. ALR-9900+ integrates with your existing business processes easily and efficiently because it supports a multitude of platforms including Microsoft BizTalk RFID, IBM Websphere, Oracle, Xterprise and others. Proven support for SAP through 3rd-party middleware is also available.
SDK featuring .NET, Java and Ruby libraries is provided that enables easy, custom interfaces to control the reader if desired.
Loss of power or LAN connectivity does not lead to the loss of critical tag data. The ALR-9900+ caches up to 2500 tag records in non-volatile memory, preserving data even in the event of a power loss. Autonomous Mode functionality of the Alien Reader Protocol enables the reader to collect tag data when triggered by external events detected by photo eyes and other sensors. In this mode, readers are activated only when needed, thereby reducing the ambient environmental noise level of readers operating at any given moment. ALR-9900+ ensures strong interference rejection in the presence of other readers or devices.

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Product Information

  • Exceptional sensitivity and performance
  • High read rates for demanding applications
  • Interoperable and Broadly Supported
  • Powerful Interfaces for Effective Integration
  • Monostatic Simplicity
  • Power and LAN Failsafe Mechanisms Protect Data
  • Strong Filtering for Interference Rejection
  • Event-triggered operation and Autonomous Mode
  • Authentication of Higgs-3 RFID ICs

What is included in the package:
  • ALR-9900+ reader
  • Two circular polarized antennas
  • Software Developers Kit CD (SDK)
  • Universal power supply
  • RS-232 cable
  • Crossover Ethernet cable
  • Sample tags
  • Convenient carrying case
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Additional Information

Air Protocol:
EPC Gen 2, ISO 18000-6c
902.75 - 927.25 MHz (US-FCC), 865.7 - 867.5 MHz (EMA-ETSI), 920.625 - 924.375 MHz (CHN), 902 - 907.5 MHz and 915 - 928 MHz (BRZ), 920 - 925 MHz (WR1), 923 - 925 MHz (ID), 916.7 - 920.9 MHz (+JP3), and other countries as per spec. sheet.
Transmit Power:
4 W EIRP (US, BRZ, WR1, +JP3, +KR2, +RSA), 2 W ERP (EMA, CHN, ID, MY), 1 W ERP (TAI), 20dBm ERP (at antenna) (EMA-Egypt)
Maximum Receive Sensitivity:
EPC Gen 2
LAN TCPI/IP (RJ-45), RS-232 (DB-9 F)
Optically isolated. 0-24VDC rail, 4 inputs, 8 outputs (500mA capacity)
Power Supply:
Robust universal AC-DC power converter, 100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz
Antenna Ports:
4 reverse polarity TNC monostatic ports, circular or linear polarization, near and far field compatible
(L) 20.3 cm x (W) 17.8 cm x (D) 4.1 cm (8 in. x 7.0 in. x 1.8 in.)
1.5 kg (3.3 lb)
Visual Indicators:
Power, Link, Active, Ant 0-3, CPU, Read, Sniff, Fault
Operating Temperatures:
-20°C to +55°C (-4°F to +131°F)
IP Rating:
Host API:
Java, .NET, Ruby APIs
Demo Software:
Alien Gateway
12-month standard warranty
Download Data Sheet: spec sheet.pdf
Download Interface Guide: Reader Interface.pdf
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